Raymond, formerly Gruppsol, wanted to make a mark in the solar industry and needed to review the identity. YESSS took on the assignment and I brought in Marcus Bergman at Superstudio Next to help me. Marcus supported the process with a sustainability-oriented creative approach.

A two day workshop with people from all department at Gruppsol attended. CEO, CFO, Marketing Chief, owners, sales, project leaders and the heros that actually put up the solar cells on buildings and parks. Two fantastic days with tons of great input and exercises lead us forward.
We found out that we need an other name than a ”solar-related” name. That was everbody else doing. And we found Raymond. Ray comes from the solar beams and mond from the french monde wich means world. And of course, Everybody loves Raymond.

Logo and identity, a new webb, a customer journey, clothes, hats, cars, signs and so much more. During the first 12 months we worked they went from 16 to 100 employes. A true start-up that from the beginning believed in power of branding, positioning and bold communication.

For more details, give me a call and I will run the case for you.

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